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We Accept MOQ 50 pieces per Style and 400 pieces per Order.

Very Simplest Way we Manufacture best quality Branded Apparels Fashion based on Your Own Custom Designs and Accessories.


Exploretex-The best Garment & Textile Manufacturer

ExploreTex Unipessoal Lda is a dynamic force in the textile and apparel industry, serving as a versatile hub for manufacturing, supplying, importing, exporting, and sourcing. As a trusted partner, we seamlessly connect manufacturers, suppliers, importers, exporters, and sourcing agents, ensuring quality textiles and garments that meet global standards.

ExploreTex™ Garment & Textile Manufacturer Company was created as a Garment’s Aspects of the company. To make sure the highest quality goods and supply transparency On the custom layout of buyer & can provide any printing & embroidery services to the buyers. We are committed to serving the very best, as a remedy to our customers at home and overseas.

ExploreTex Unipessoal Lda is your comprehensive solution in the textile and apparel industry, bridging manufacturing, supplying, importing, exporting, and sourcing, to deliver top-quality garments worldwide.

How We Make your Own Fashion Brand

Step 1- Order Process

ExploreTex™ works together with you to organize your own collection. We map every fashion out, identify fabric and trim, pattern directives, and details like manufacturing, retail and deadline target price factors. Define and conceptualize design thoughts into sample fashions. Complete product development form with your consultant, sample styles. Shipping and deadline expectations. Review desired retail/ wholesale/ Manufacturing price points. Deconstruct Substance, Fit, and Construction Reference Samples. Project Quotation offered Our Fashion Design group will do to make it happen your Fashion Brand. The staff will focus to develop your Branded Fashion Cloths, Design, Color, Main Label, Care Label, Hangtag, Packaging etc. according to your requirement. We will create design plan including product planning & development depending on your product theory and targeting marketplace, etc.. Please inform us of your query on cloth and styles and even accessories. We’ve got an experienced design team. Professional designers can design products that meet your expectations in accordance with your requirements. We’ll assign jobs to the corresponding designers that are good. We will analyze the current hottest fashion elements and the market need in your area and providing individualized design solutions. 

Step 2- Brand Development

We work together with your idea and turn it to a production-friendly layout. That can be a collaborative process with you (the new owner) and also our designers to make sure we catch your vision. Labels are an indispensable factor of promotion and the brand of clothing. They convey with customers the newest name, garment dimensions, country of manufacture. Clothes are required to be tagged with info that was specific. We help guarantee law is complied with by all labels. The plan is a piece from the evolution process which should begin on. We’re delighted to create them for you if you don’t yet have your own brand, maintenance, size and state of origin labels. At Great Clothing Company to providing production and growth services for 15, our dedication is in the forefront of the mission. We also provide consulting services to extend the instruction that is essential for those seeking to create their beginning. Being ready for creation will save yourself money and time as you work to cultivate your brand and thoughts. It’s a first step for anyone who have manufacturing experience. Elevate your textile and apparel ventures with ExploreTex Unipessoal Lda, a distinguished authority as a manufacturer, supplier, importer, exporter, and sourcing agent, delivering exceptional garments globally through our comprehensive and interconnected industry solutions.

Step 3- Pattern Development

There is A pattern made to make finish or prototypes production runs. It’s used throughout the manufacturing procedure. The sample manufacturer is going to not have a direction, When there’s absolutely no pattern. Patterns would be the template of dimension and design. We’ve got the capacity to make designs. We focus on men’s, women’s, sewn accessories children’s and a few pet! Patterns are diagrams which reflect the 2D shapes which are sewn to make your own garment. This practice is vital for perfecting structure, style and the fit of your merchandise. Our routine digitizing service supplies a time efficient and cheap means to convert your newspaper patterns into files letting you easily obtain access to your routines. Notice, we focus on production patterns and might recommend adjustments to your blueprint to enhance the quality. From the layout draft/idea into a set of attracted at 1:1 garment components that are scattered on a piece newspaper that is massive. Our layout manufacturer employs design producing software to draw and reflect your own design. We can offer sizing based on the target client you expected for your own brand.

Step 4- Sample Development

ExploreTex™ provides a service which may eliminate sew measures and the cut . Over the usual drawing, making that is virtual utilizes your design documents to simulate fit and cloth drape of a lace garment. Cut and sew the initial through the final around of prototypes. Create production approaches that are friendly specific for your product. Give you the chance and supply opinions on cloth, function, fit and structure. 3D rendering utilizes model dimensions and the design. Provides fashion simulation and fit. Allows customer to make adjustments. Gives you the chance to test various textures, colours and prints . Prior to being made preview your designs prints. During sampling procedure we’re creating the methods where the item will be produced effectively with the quality. Switch thoughts packs, and your sketches and turn them that you texture, touch, and can hold. This phase will let you prefect your merchandise. ExploreTex Unipessoal Lda: Your go-to destination for top-notch textile and apparel solutions, linking manufacturing, supplying, importing, exporting, and sourcing for premium global garment delivery.

Step 5- Production

Once samples are ideal as customer requirement ExploreTex ™ begin production. Factories need higher minimums amount order but how are you going to know until you examine orders, whether your merchandise is prepared for quantities? It’s necessary for us to enable you to create exactly what you want. This is the last phase ahead of your goods. In this phase, we’re accountable for eyeing quality management and deadline of the manufacturing procedure. Designers are welcome to see our workshop if needed of how it’s going, or you will be surely reported by us. We’re a western-minded firm, we’ll inform you if something is possible or not at all an upfront, issue of reality conversation. We won’t direct you together, if we think something isn’t feasible with our production capability or all the time. We know that many of Garments companies simply say”Yes” to what to save face because this is part of their culture. We can not think of than becoming ourselves and our customers into a predicament that is pricey. Unlock unparalleled textile and apparel excellence with ExploreTex Unipessoal Lda, the ultimate source for seamless manufacturing, supplying, importing, exporting, and sourcing, ensuring superior-quality garments worldwide.

Step 6- Ship to You

After Generation complete we organize quality review for every piece, then we package them to boat client’s destination. Before sending your items, we pack your purchase. Since each piece is custom created, please expect that your own piece. We provide Sea and Air transportation choice. All depends on client requirement and order amount. 20 to 35 Days, for Sea Ship need. For brief quantity order we utilize various courier transport procedure like DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, Aramex etc. . boat in your destination. Above pcs amount minimum we want for Sea Ship. After the product reviews are cleared, We’ll arrange the shipping of this merchandise. We’ll choose the method of payment and dispatch. Delivery security will be ensured. Customer services that is decent will be provided by us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us after getting the goods In case you have any problems. We’ll have the ability manage supply or customs and to deliver products.

Discover ExploreTex Unipessoal Lda, your one-stop textile and apparel industry solution, seamlessly connecting manufacturing, supplying, importing, exporting, and sourcing to deliver high-quality garments globally.

ExploreTex™ is the Best Garment Manufacturer as we are an Experienced Company, Working with many Companies Worldwide.

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Founder & Owner

Muhammad Ilias Hossen

We conduct fitting in house with the present of your job manager online video convention and the pattern maker. We are highly recommend to use a professional fit model (we will help you discover the perfect one). Please note: as it faulty, we do not allow to match on yourself.

We start with getting in your concept, mission, business model, target customer, market positioning, your brand’s along with your Unique selling proposition and some other info that are beneficial to understand what’s the product for you look like. We then assist you finalize the designs.

We supply a listing of vendors which you can source with. So that you may discover the materials that are according to your specific needs, we will lead you. We can also do the leg work and supply fabrics and trims. We work with both vendors that are demotic and global. We focused on environmental fabrics.

Patterns would be the blueprint or other to your merchandise we operate. We will only use a pattern maker that specializes in your product class to work on your job. Our expert alwyays concert to finished your own patterns based on your demand. We dont make mistake for pattern. 

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